Hydration--The body is 60% water so it is extremely important to our survival. You lose around 40 ounces per day, even when just lying around. Almost double can be lost when you are active. Whether you get water from fruits, soft drinks, or just plain glasses of water, be sure to replace what you lose.


Owned by the Kaw Nation, this beautiful facility is located just east of Newkirk on River Road near the Kaw Nation Casino.The facility has over 10,000 square feet of workout space. There is also a full size gymnasium located next door, which is great for basketball or volleyball.

Our full-time staff has a vast amount of experience and education in the fitness industry, and we are constantly attending the latest trainings and keeping up to date on the current literature to bring patrons the latest techniques in the fitness industry.

We can help you achieve your fitness goals with the latest monitoring techniques, or by assisting you with a personalized workout program tailored to your special needs. Whether you are just looking to get back into shape or if you are training for serious athletic goals, we have the knowledge and experience to help you reach your desired fitness level.

Workout on our state of the art strength equipment or enjoy your favorite TV program while working on your cardiovascular fitness. You can also listen to the music of your choice through our newly installed sound system in the cardio and weight room.

Come to our friendly fitness center where exercises are not only beneficial, but also very enjoyable. Don't waste another day, your health is too important.

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